Paavo Nurmi Games: Flash Quotes

Paavo Nurmi Games: Flash Quotes 18.6. 2024

Neeraj Chopra IND: Javelin Throw Winner 85.97

The weather was good today, a little bit cold with the wind. But I am happy with my adductor now because I could do all 6 throws. I came from Kuortane and will now head to Saarbrücken, Germany and maybe to Turkey just before the Olympics. Most of the time I train alone with my coach and physio, but from time to time we exchange with other coaches, like Jan Zelezny. I will try to stay healthy in the next weeks, because then I will throw my best throws. Every year I have some problems with my adductor, maybe after the Olympics I am going to talk to different doctors. Initially I wanted to compete more this season, but it was not possible due to my niggles.

Nia Ali USA: 100mH Winner 12.48

To come out with two of my season best times is really good. I am getting back to the 12.4 shape I have been in earlier this season, so I am pleased. The last weeks have been great. Earlier in the season I suffered from some smaller injuries, now I am working my way back. This is proof that it’s still there. Next are trials, I am looking forward to that. The competition was great, with some strong competitors, especially with the European Champs just passing. I knew that some were in really good shape. I was excited to come here and to get two rounds. The stands were full, and the children were so nice.

 Chituru Ali ITA: 100m Second 9.96 PB

I had a good start, and the track is amazing and very fast. I am speechless. After my Silver medal at European Championships this feels good. Now I am ready for the Olympic Games.

Mark English IRL: 800m Second 1:44.69 NR

I can’t describe how happy I am because this last month was stress upon stress. I was taking risks to run the standard for the Olympics. To come away with a PB, NR and qualification for Paris, I am just over the moon. I want to thank everyone in the race, because they made it so fast. It was the perfect race to be in. To run a personal best at 31 is a massive achievement. We have to reevaluate the peak of athletics careers I think. I definitely want to celebrate this one. After the 400m I just told myself to hold on. I felt good with 200m to go. Today was all about the time.  It’s a brilliant reward for all the work that I have put in behind the scenes, for my girlfriend, my family, my sponsors. They support me through the good and bad times.

 André De Grasse CAN: 100m Third 10.00 SB

I am going in the right direction; trainings are going well, every race I run a season best. We are 6 weeks away from the Olympics, it’s good that I am improving. The objective is to be ready for Paris. Training together with Jacobs is good for both of us, we know where we are at. At training we are going at it every other day. I know in training I am close. He had Europeans so he is on a different schedule then mine. It was my first competition ever in Finland. It’s a nice stadium, beautiful crowd and I want to come back in the future.

Nadine Visser NED: 100mH Second 12.51 =PB

In the beginning of the race, I hit a hurdle, so I didn’t get into my rhythm. The last hurdle was also difficult and there is still room for improvement on that final sprint. But I never expected to equal my personal best here, it has been three years. But I was also frustrated because I could have run 12.4 today. This weekend I will run in Geneva and then nationals and Hengelo. Now we need to get back the competition rhythm, the European Championships were just a bit too early. We have worked on different technical aspects, but it didn’t come out yet in Rome.

Elie Bacari BEL: 110mH Second 13.38 PB

My first part in the final was not very good, but therefore the second part was better. In the heats I actually went out in 0.1, so I didn’t want to take any risk in the final race. I focused more on technique than running fast and catching Omar and that’s why I end the race with a personal best. I transitioned from the decathlon to the hurdles this year. The training has been much lighter, and I have less injuries. We work more strength, but I didn’t expect to make such a quick progression this year. So, we will see what the future has in store for me. I will mostly work on the first part of my race in the coming months, because it hasn’t been good in the last weeks.

Ben Buckingham AUS: 3.000mS Second 8:21.34 SB

It’s the fourth year in a row that I compete in Turku, I ran my PB here and I needed to work on my Olympic ranking. So, this race is going to help. If all goes well, I will stay in Europe till August. But first, I will race in Vienna another steeplechase before heading to St. Moritz. I need just some more training, I ran a 20 second season best. I was pretty badly injured last year; it took me a long time to get healthy again. It’s my third quickest time ever, and it’s extra special because I am already 32.

Stefaan Nillessen NED: 1500m Third 3:34.32 PB

Before the race I was a little nervous, because I knew I had to run well here if I would like to make the team for the Olympics. It just went smoothly; I was just pushed a little bit to the back. 200m to go, I knew that I needed to go, I was running in lane 2. With the points and the time, it’s a big step forward to the Olympics. I missed out Rome, so I was extra motivated to go for this Olympic dream. I have run consistently this season, always 3:36 and now it was just a fast race and I could hop on the train.

Omar Mcleod JAM: 110mH Winner 13.25 SB

It’s a been a while, it feels great to be back. I had a very good start in the race. Today was the first time in a long time that I was running fast again and that felt what it’s like for the last three hurdles to come up really fast. I was just not ready to react as before, but I liked how I handled the race. I hit the last two hurdles very bad, it felt like it could have been easily a 13.0 race. It’s a step in the right direction, I got out really hard, unexpectedly. My coach told me, but I wasn’t ready for that to be honest. Now we need to get back to the drawing board and get ready. I am not putting to much pressure on myself, I feel that I get back to rhythm and that’s what I needed just before the trials where I hope to make the team. Today was all about strength and staying on your feet. After the last hurdle I just told myself to run as fast as possible. I don’t seek validation from outside, sometimes in life you go through things and it’s your responsibility to take a step back and make an adjustment and come back. My talent is very organic; I can walk away, take care of myself mentally and come back. And I trust in it, I just needed to work on myself and get myself together. I wanted to come back and enjoy the sport again.

Nina Kennedy AUS: Pole Vault Winner 4m80 SB MR

It was amazing, the crowd was really loud, and I jumped quite well. I was happy with my 4m80 on my first attempt, because the countback in pole vault is very important. I had some good cracks at 4m87 but I got off the plane from Australia two days ago. It’s a long way with 30 hours of travel, so I am just glad I left the competition healthy and happy. I have three more competitions and in six weeks a lot can happen. London and Monaco Diamond League are just a few weeks from the Olympics, so I want to jump at my absolute best there. I will be based in Cologne and will travel to the meets from there and then I will join the Australian team in the south of France. I jumped on some new poles I have never jumped on before for my 4m80 and 4m87 jump, it went pretty well but I still need to work on some technical things in training. It’s a good sign for me to use stiffer poles.

Marcell Jacobs Larmont ITA: 100m Winner 9.92 SB

In the heats, I took a really good start, the last part was average. In the final it was the other way around, so now we need to put the pieces together. Before today I was a bit worried that I didn’t run under 10 yet, but it’s part of the game and now I have done it twice. The atmosphere was incredible, the stadium is full, with a lot of good energy, and that definitely pushed me to run so fast. I remembered that the track was really good, and tonight it was even better. In the first round I slowed down a bit, because I felt that the technique was not so good. The goal was to find that back in the final, which worked out pretty well. It’s nice to be here with Chituru, in Rome we also were first and second. I am like a big brother to him, he has worked very well this year, so I am very happy for the both of us today. Next up are the nationals and then the coach decides on the rest of the season.

Toni Keränen FIN: M Javelin Second 84,19

Today everything went so well, I got all the important details spot on today like timing, support, position and all the rest. In addition, the competition venue is excellent, the weather was perfect and the spectators and the feeling was just amazing. I got few nice scalps today, been only dreaming about beating these gusy. But this position was a big surprise. So, Paris starts to look actually pretty promising but anything can happen, there is another Toni hiding his condition. So let’s check the status in the next competition in Kalevan Kisat in Vaasa.

Oliver Helander FIN: M Javelin Third 83,96

 For a change letting another Finn beating me. Some flu also hit me after Rome. My performance was not the best today, especially technically poor level. But the condition is there and stable results, however I need to throw much better.

Andreas Kraemer SWE: M 800m Winner 1.44,65

It was a bit strange competition, some guys did not show up at the starting line. Then nobody wanted to follow the pace but I thought someone has to try at least, so I had a fast few first hundreds of meters. That brought back “the good old Kraemer”, I used to do this several years back. I like to compete in Finland, the spectators are awesome cheering maybe mostly for Finns but I think also for me. I like to run here and this victory was the first one for, with my season best result, so for this I am superhapp. I did aim at my personal best but maybe next time. I have three competitions during five days, so it is quite a hard schedule. Next one in Poland on Thursday. Taken this and relatively short recovery time from Rome, my body feels the pressure. But I know that the shape is there and I just love to compete.

Abraham Seme ETH: M 3000m steeple Winner 8.17,22

The race was fine for me, and I am really very pleased being able to win this competition. The additional reward by far by best result this season so far.

 Elmo Lakka FIN: M 110m hurdles Third 13,43

 It was nice to get two successful races today and achieve my season best on the finals. Rome was a disappointment and left me with lot to improve, as you all know. I am in a good shape and this has not disappeared anywhere.  I feel really confiden to continue from here. Now I need a suitable combination of relaxation and training. Next goal is to beat the Finnish national record at Kalevan kisat late June. My plan is to leave the rainy weather for Juhannus – Finnish midnight sun festival- next weekend and spare the sunny and warm weather for Kalevan kisat in Vaasa.

Cathal Doyle IRL: M 1500m Winner 3.34,09

I wanted to win this race and improve my ranking and this I managed to do: as now my personal best is two seconds better than before. I am happy for such big leaps ahead, that gives me more confidence and boost for even better results to climb up on the ranking for Olympics. This is my first time here in Turku, I remember competing once before in Finland, I guess it was in Tampere.  I can say that today this race was a good one for me and I really enjoyed the audience here.

Eleanor Patterson AUS: High Jump Second 1m94

It was a tough competition out there for me personally. I started well and had some good jumps in there. I was getting a lot of bar love when clearing the bar, a bit of a wobble here and there. I was finding my rhythm a little bit awkward. I made it hard work for myself. I would have loved to come away with a 1m97. I have been constantly hitting 1m90 and not really be progressing where I know I can. I take that little step and little win. I know I have much more in me and hope to bring it out in Paris. It was wonderful to be out there, with an incredible atmosphere, I love the surface and Ella obviously did incredible. It was wonderful to have someone push me along. Complete hats off to her, it was very impressive. It’s been a slow start to me this year, I have had a lot of injuries in the last couples of years, and I have not been able to get a lot of work under my belt. So, this year the preseason was big. Now, I will compete in Brno and base in Madrid for a month. I have a few more competitions left, and my coach is finally coming to Europe too. I have been doing this by myself, it’s hard to put the athlete and coaching hat on at the same time.

Silja Kosonen FIN: Hammer Throw Second 71m67

The competition went quite well, I was not feeling my best because I am getting a bit ill. The atmosphere was great, and it felt nice throwing at my home track. The new technique is working. I have added a third spin in the beginning of my throw to get the lines correct. I will definitely continue with that new technique because it’s working. I feel good coming back from Rome, I had the time to recover mentally and physically even if my legs were not fresh today. Next, I will compete in Kuortane and then stay there to train for the nationals. Maybe one more competition after that and just keep training for Paris.

Ella Junnila FIN: W High Jump Winner 197, NR

First feeling right now is a bit empty, this will change when this achievement really hits me probably later tonight. Naturally I am very happy for winning today and especially for the national record. The recovery time after Rome has been pretty short. I came here to Turku trying to succeed one jump at the time, at that seemed to work out perfectly today. I always love to compete here in Turku, the public and the feeling is amazing – regardless the weather conditions, luckily we had very sunny evening today.

Eveliina Määttänen FIN: W 800m, Second 2.00,30

It was super to enter to Paavo Nurmi stadium today, the feeling here is exceptional, with so many loud spectators! I am a bit disappointed with the race itself, I was really hungry to beat the national record today and run under 2.00. But I am pleased with the second place after all. The speed was not optimal as we did not follow the pace the best possible way, especially the second part of the first round was a bit slow. Next race is Kalevan kisat, the Finnish championships late June and then in July I have a high-altitude camp in Saint Moritz on my agenda, for the final preparations for the Olympics in August.

Camryn Rogers CAN: Hammer Throw Winner 73m36

Honestly, today was a very big learning day. It’s always a good thing being able to come out here and get into the circle, work on all the queues and the technical things that coach and I have been sorting out. It’s my second time here, I love Turku and I love throwing here. To come over here and have fun is all we wanted. In the next weeks I will be working on continuing to build momentum through the throw, make it go really far and then continue to stay consistent in my series, all of the things that matter when you get into a major championship. Over the coming years there is still way more to improve, but that is what makes sports so fun. Knowing that you can do your best and that there is still some things that can be better. So everyday I go to practice to throw it’s all about trying to be a bit better. So, in the next years we will be pining in on all the tiny little things and hoping that they can create some very big results.

Gabriela Gajanová SVK: 800m Winner 1:59.57

This is why I came to this meeting. My coach was sure that the shape is still there and that I can run a good time again. We were expecting also a bit faster time but there was a little complicated cooperation with the pacemaker and we did not catch up with her. So, the tactics was not going exactly as we wanted. But the time under 2 minutes still counts. I am feeling very tired after Rome, but the body knows what to do. So, the key thing was to calm down mentally and just do the job. In the past weeks, we were just tuning up for Rome and now it is the time to train a bit and start some speed training again. I still need to run at nationals next weekend but after that, we will prepare everything for the rest of the summer.

Rasmus Mägi EST: 400mH Winner 48.42

The race wasn’t so bad, it actually felt kind of easy. There were a few things here and there that didn’t go according to the plan, like the hurdle 8 and 9. I wanted to try to run 13 steps until the eighth hurdle, it didn’t work out today. But I secured the win and I really like Turku, so I am overall satisfied. The transition from Rome would have been a bit harder if I had succeeded winning a medal. I was kind of disappointed and it actually made going on with the season easier. You don’t have too much time to reflect on Rome, you just keep moving towards the next goals. We have nationals coming up but given that I have already run six 400m Hurdles races I am considering to just run a flat 400m. It always gives that extra boost and I think I need to just run once without the hurdles, without the rhythm and fully go out.

Kemi Adekoya BRN: 400mH Winner 54.37

The result is good, because this was my season opener, and I am trying to get my rhythm back and get ready for the Olympics. I believe that my next race is going to be perfect because I went really out for this one. I only opened the season so late because my doctor told me to be cautious because of my knee. So, I just kept training in May. The knee issue is still going on, but luckily, I didn’t feel it during today’s race. My next competition is in Madrid on Friday and then some other races in Europe before going back to my training camp.

Lina Nielsen GBR: 400mH Second 55.25

Stumble is an understatement; I was so close to the floor at the end of the race. It was quite windy on the home straight, so I had to put an extra step in, and I ended up too close to the hurdle. I still managed to end well and finish second. I haven’t had a clean race all season, I thought today would be the day. So, I will get back to training as soon as possible, because I haven’t trained so much on the hurdles with the relays in early May. The goal is to become more familiar with the hurdles again and go into the second half of the season with full confidence. Being in Denmark is so nice, everyone is so lovely, and we all support each other. It’s a great training environment which makes a big difference. Our group just went to the Europeans, unfortunately our coach was a bit unwell, but we still managed to run some personal bests and secured final spots. I am in a very happy and positive place. At the British trials we are going to do both rounds as we were at the Olympics, that means two fast races and see how the legs do after that. Then we go back to training and hopefully the London Diamond League as a good stepping stone to the Olympics.